Planning and Development

Collaborators are Cimentos Liz’s driving force and are those who are mainly responsible for making our cements the best in the country. To enhance and motivate them, the company is always investing in and fostering their professional growth. 

Focused on the results and excellence of its staff, Cimentos Liz has created a People Management Development and Planning process that is directed at the selection of professionals who may add value to the Cimentos Liz brand, to its products and to its workplace environment. For this purpose, the company has developed programs and invested in training courses such as:

New Talent Incentives Program (Pima and Pimad)

Technical Operational Training

Another one of the Company’s concerns is to add to its staff new professionals who boast an entrepreneurial spirit and who are eager to grow professionally, plan a sustainable future and make a difference in Society. If your profile matches this description, come join our workforce.