Recognition and Awards

The quality of the cement produced by Empresa de Cimentos Liz and the activities undertaken in the environmental and social areas have been recognized by the communities in both Lagoa Santa and Vespasiano, by institutions and by media bodies specializing in this industry, which have presented the company with awards such as: 

The Best of Construction Materials  

(foto do prêmio) The company received the “Honorable Mention Award” in the Cement with the Best Average Score (9.3) category, elected by the small and medium-sized construction materials retailers. This award was presented by the magazine Revista Anamaco, Annual Issue, and was published in August, 2010. 

Cimentos Liz also took 4th place in the Anamaco Award, in the category The Best of Building Supplies – Regional Focus MG, elected one of the best by cement resellers in Minas Gerais. Liz cements were present in 18% of the commercial establishments researched by Anamaco/Ibope Inteligência. 

Best Product of the Year  

(foto do prêmio) Despite being a regional product, commercialized only in the southeastern region of the country, Liz CPII-E-32 cement was recognized countrywide, taking 4thplace in the election for the best product of the year in the cement category. The award is presented by magazine Revista Revenda Construção, which published the result in its 243rd issue, published in December, 2010.  

The Best of the Year Award  

(foto do prêmio) Cimentos Liz was elected, for the 9th consecutive year, the most outstanding company for services rendered to the community in the municipality of Vespasiano. The election was held based on an opinion poll conducted by the newspaper Jornal Tribuna das Gerais among residents from 12 different city districts. The result identified Empresa de Cimentos Liz as the Most Outstanding Industrial Operation for the Best of the Year Award.