Portland Cement CP IV-32 RS

As with CP IV-32 this product may be used in many types of construction. However, its differentiating feature is in its elevated resistance to sulfates, which means that this product is recommended for work that is to be performed in aggressive environments, such as sewers, foundations and salt water.


The Cement Portland Portland Cement CP IV-32 RS may be used in bricklaying and revetment mortar, mortar and concrete exposed to aggressive environments, simple, reinforced and prestressed concrete, subfloors or other cement artifacts, pavement and sidewalks or in addition to soil-cement mixtures and foundations.


The Cement Portland Portland cement CP IV-32 RS has, after 28 days, a higher degree of resistance than other common cements, including in aggressive environments. In addition, it features greater durability, which makes it appropriate for sanitation, sewer and marine work, large projects such as bridges, ports and concrete pavement.

How to use the cement